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XavierThirtyTwo's gameplay for Tekken 6 (X360)

XavierThirtyTwo played Tekken 6

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XavierThirtyTwo said...
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So I picked up my free preorder of Tekken 6: Pretty Pretty Dress Up Edition. I've played every Tekken game for a little after release since at least one of my friends always rents/buys it, but I haven't REALLY played a Tekken title since Tag, which I really enjoyed. This game is exactly what I thought it would be; The same old Tekken with almost nothing new added, but a mediocre to decent dress up feature (which is honestly what I bought it for. Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures.)

The fighting doesn't seem to have evolved much. It's still a game of launch > juggle > sidestep > repeat. Worse yet, is that the campaign mode doesn't look much better than it did when Tekken Force was first introduced on PS2 like 10 years ago. It's extremely unpolished, has terrible camera angles, and controls like a paper airplane with peanut butter spread all over the wings. Oh, and I have to bring this up: WTF is up with that patented Tekken background/middleground/foreground/ground movement scrolling whenever the camera rotates during a match? It's pretty ugly.

That being said, I still enjoy the combat. While it hasn't really changed much in all these years, it's still pretty damn good. Also, the character customization, while rather limited, is pretty awesome. I'm a sucker for playing dress up with my video game characters.

All in all, enjoyable, but nothing new.
Tekken 6

Tekken 6 (X360)

Genre/Style: Fighting/3D Fighting
Release Date: 27/OCT/09
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Boo. I want a game with awesome paperdolling, Is that so much to ask?
Truly awesome character customization, including wardrobe, has yet to be fully realized outside of a few MMOs. Games like Mass Effect and Fight Night seem to do well with customizing your character's physical appearance as far as faces go, while games like Rock Band/Guitar Hero and Soul Calibur 4 do a good job with wardrobe. However, you rarely see both done well. (Saint's row 2 did pretty good in both aspects, but clothing selection was oh so limited.)
@XavierThirtyTwo Unless you buy all the DLC.

SoulCalibur III was the best. And they completely nerfed it in IV...
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